About The All American Music Festival

Orlando’s Most Prestigious Student Music Competition

The All American Music Festival is a music competition which is held each weekend from March through June in Orlando, Florida. High School Bands from across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Bands from Puerto Rico, Canada, Newfoundland, Japan and Guam travel to Orlando, Florida to compete in the most prestigious and oldest Music Festival in Orlando.

Each group enters into one or more of the following categories: Concert Bands, Orchestras, Jazz Bands, Marching Bands, Choirs, Color guards and various types of quartets.

Each performing group is adjudicated by University Professors of Music from several Universities throughout the State of Florida. Each group competes for ratings and prizes.

The competition is held at a local High School in Orlando which in turn supports the local band. The All American Music Festival is dedicated to the educational value of the Arts in High Schools and supports continuing education in this area. Each band is disciplined in the mastery of one or more musical instruments. The students learn how to read and play music not only individually but by working together as a group. They learn stage presence, timeliness and following the direction of their Director. It is a wonderful learning experience for each member; not only do they learn music, but they also learn the ways of traveling to another city, staying in a hotel away from their parents and this gives them the opportunity to grow as they become adults.

What are you waiting for? It’s truly an event like no other! Our most popular morning slots fill up quickly, so contact us today to book your student music group trip to the All-American Music Festival.




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