Middle and High School Band Competition

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From marching bands to concert bands and jazz bands, the competition is fierce as schools from all over the world come to compete for the ultimate honor — to go home an All American champion!

At the All American Music Festival, your student band will compete against some of the top musical programs in the world! The excitement of watching each performance, meeting and networking with top music professionals, and showing off your school’s skills is just some of what the All-American Music Festival is all about.

With our almost 30 years of experience, we specialize in not only transporting your students safely but also your valuable instruments. We also provide instruments on-site for some of the more bulky and expensive-to-transport pieces. We are fully bonded and insured so there’s nothing to worry about on your part. We shoulder all the responsibility of making sure your trip is a successful one. So book your trip today!

Marching & Parade Bands

The All American Music Festival has been the performance destination in Orlando for student parade and marching bands for 30 years. Whether you are part of a select group of performers or a full-blown high school band complete with heavy equipment and valuable instruments, we can help you to plan the ultimate student trip.

Are you concerned about how to move your instruments and equipment from point A to point B? Don’t worry! We will coordinate the transportation and delivery of your instruments and have them ready for set up on the morning of your performance.

Competition Guidelines | Scoring Sheet

Jazz Bands

Let us make your high school or middle school band’s next jazz performance unforgettable! At the All American Music Festival, your group will shine while making lifelong memories and receiving invaluable critiques from music professionals around the state.

No need to worry about transporting bulky or delicate equipment—All American Music Festival has two decades of experience in transporting valuable musical equipment for student performances. In the event that equipment is too large to travel by plane or bus, we can arrange to have the equipment delivered and set up on performance day!

Competition Guidelines | Scoring Sheet

Orchestra & Concert Bands

The All American Music Festival has been helping student orchestras and concert bands wow the crowd and compete against their peers for more than 30 years! Whether your student band is highly experienced or is in need of some practice, performing and competing at the All American Music Festival is sure to push your students to their limits and force them to reach farther and dig deeper.

The competition is fierce, but friendly and we regularly hear from groups who leave the competition with the confidence to pursue more challenging music after hearing the helpful critiques of the judges and the input of some of the best and brightest student musicians from across the country.

Competition Guidelines | Scoring Sheet




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