A Note to the Parents

Your child has been invited to participate in the All American Music Festival—now what?

First, get excited! Your child is going to have the opportunity to perform at Orlando’s oldest and most prestigious music competition while being critiqued by some of the leading names in the music industry. They will be competing against some of the best and brightest musicians from around the United States, Japan, Puerto Rico, Guam and many other countries.

Second, sit back and relax! You can rest assured that your student’s travel experience will go off without a hitch. The All American Music Festival is a subset of our parent company, American Tours and Travel, which has specialized in student performance group travel for nearly 40 years. We have successfully executed every aspect of more than 5,000 trips, including air and bus travel, equipment transportation and delivery, attraction tickets, meal planning and hotel accommodations. We cater to your needs and do what we can to ensure that trip is affordable, feasible and most importantly—memorable.

In addition to coordinating the logistical elements of competition travel, we also excel at creating fun-filled itineraries that allow travelers to see, dine, and stay at the places they’re most interested in.

Third, celebrate! Once the competition is over, all participants convene for the Awards Ceremony at Universal Orlando and receive trophies and plaques based upon their scores. The group directors receive official festival scores as well as adjudication commentary that will serve as an invaluable teaching tool for students once the trip is over and they’ve returned to the classroom.

You can help your child prepare for the competition by making sure they find time to practice, rest, and prepare beforehand. Additional topics, including what a typical day at the All American Music Festival entails can be found on our FAQ page.

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